Max Pashm

‘DJ, Producer, Musician, Events Organiser & Label Owner’


Max Pashm was founded in 1995 in Brighton, UK, when the British rave scene was still at it’s peak. Max was propelled to notoriety as one of the early pioneers of fusing dance floor electronica and rave with traditional and vintage music from Eastern Europe, Greece, Middle East & North America. Whilst widening the boundaries of dance music Max also converted many nay sayers along the way who were not yet into, or appreciative of the genre The international buzz around his sound and performances and the accessibility of his music culminated in him being signed to Sony Music in 1997.

The flagship single ‘Queen of Sikim’ taken from his debut album ‘Weddings, bar- mitzvahs & funerals’, was a worldwide hit and reached the top of the charts in many European countries.

Max’s solo live shows became infamous at both venues and festivals across the UK and mainland Europe, combining his uplifting live percussion, vocals and keyboards with his general showmanship and sense of humour and fun on stage.


By 2002 Max was also touring as a DJ in both Europe and North America, earning himself the deserved title of a “genre bending DJ’ due to his wide and varying styles of mixing dance music with soul, jazz, rock n roll, global and many other old school vintage sounds.

Max continues to be at the epicentre of the wider electronic dance scene as both a DJ and also with his sound system which includes a live kit drummer and trumpet.

Max is also co-founder of the now legendary ‘Electro Swing Club’, boasting club nights in over 10 EU countries and also in U.S.A and Canada.

2014 saw the launch of his new club brand ‘Retrolicious’ fusing iconic 20th Century music with a ‘Phat’ 21st Century twist, with a monthly club night at Barrio East, Shoreditch in London and a bi-monthly night in Glastonbury.


In 2006 Max formed the ‘Max Pashm Band’, working with some of Europe’s leading and finest world, rock n roll and jazz musicians.

The band have toured extensively in more than 14 countries, entertaining audiences at major venues and festivals alike, receiving international critical acclaim and building a loyal and expanding fan base.

2008 saw the release of the now classic cult album ‘Never mind the Balkans’ which reached number 2 in the BBC world music charts and broke new ground on behalf of the global fusion genre.

As well as all the traditional and electronic influences, the various ‘Max Pashm’ shows contain flavours of Dub, Ska, Hip-Hop, Rock, Glitch and Punk, blending many genres and styles to create a unique sound and performance, with lyrics in English, Greek, Bulgarian, Yiddish and many other languages.

Max founded his own bespoke record label in 2005, ‘Elektrikos/Organikos Records’, initially to release his current and back catalogues which eventually morphing into ‘Pashmount Music’ record and publishing labels in 2013.

Pashmount Music have released a number of cutting edge EP’s and albums including the legendary ‘Electro Swing Club Vol 1 & 2” with many more exciting releases to follow soon….